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How to build a website step-by-step for FREE. I don’t know about you but anything that offers me something for FREE, I am more than likely going to check it out. When joined the Wealthy Affiliate Program 3 1/2 years ago it was by far the best decision that I have ever made as far as starting a business online.

It took me awhile to find Wealthy Affiliate but when I did it was everything that I was looking for in starting an online business. I chose to go into Affiliate Marketing, and now I have 2 websites that are doing well. This one is my second website and I am working as an affiliate for WA, as well as being a member of the most elite training courses as well as a community right in the Program that is always there to help.Build A Business

The Wealthy Affiliate Community as well as the Help Center, has been so extremely important to my business with any questions that I have had throughout my time at WA. Getting you started with building your own website is my goal and I want to share just a little bit of how to get started building your own website.

Pick Your Own Niche Market

Pick your own niche market website, and this is made possible through the Wealthy Affiliate training. It will guide you to make an informed decision on a NICHE Market.

When considering a Niche remember that the advertising industry is evolving at an exponential rate due to the continual development of social media platforms. The fast pace environment of digital marketing can often leave companies feeling overlooked and out-of-date. Be relevant and offer help to your customers. People are looking for products that they either need or want to buy and the more informative and helpful you are to get them to read your content and give them the best deal you can.

Niche Target AudienceYour customers are going to want information and guidance when they come to your posts or pages through your website, so give them that and you will get more conversions with the products you have to offer.


Remember these SIX things:

1) The average consumer’s attention span is 8 seconds.

2) The amount that Facebook and Google ads out perform all other forms of print and radio advertising combined by 30X the amount.

3) 75% of big brands advertising budgets that goes to digital marketing.

4) 93% of businesses gain new customers due to content posted on social media.

5) 90% of social media users look up and reach out to brands and businesses via social media.

6) 135 minutes is the average amount of time spent on social media per day.

Knowing the numbers here, it is vital that you are thinking about, how, where and why you are sharing your NICHE with people. Thinking about the HELP you can offer through your content writing on your website, and sharing that with possible customers.

Setting Up Your Website

After finding your NICHE, you are now ready to build your website and start setting your site up for creating content, that will be able to be found by Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines to get you ranked in these three Search Engines.Websites

The first step through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform will take you about 30 seconds, through the site builder link.

The website you build is the foundation of your business. It is where all of your traffic (visitors to your site) is ultimately going to come to, where you are going to build your brand (Niche) and to get it trusted within the industry, where you can promote products-services and generate conversions which equals CASH.

Choosing A Domain

Everything begins with choosing a NICHE, and then finding a domain name that compliments your Niche. Not only is it how your visitors/customers are able to find you, but also allows you to present your brand in the best way.

Build your brand with Wealthy Affiliate Program by getting a memorable domain name that sets you apart from the others online.

The 14 Steps That Can Help Your Pick The Best Domain Name:

1. Stick with .com

2. Use keywords in your domain name with Jaaxy keyword tool, through the WA Platform.Jaaxy Banner

3. Keep your domain name short if possible.

4. Make it easy to pronounce and spell

5. Keep it unique and brandable

6. Avoid hyphens in your domain name.

7. Avoid double letters

8. Leave room to expand your website.

9. Research through the internet on domain names that you are interested in.

10. Use domain generators for clever ideas.

11. Act quickly before someone else takes it.

12. Register your domain through Wealthy Affiliate

13. Get your domain with Wealthy Affiliate web hosting.

14 Check some of the most popular domain registries also, but WA does have the most updated registry out there.

If you are just starting out as a Starter Member, you will be building a website on the domain, which is a completely FREE website. Your can build and host your own FREE website as a starter member.

As A Premium Member

As a Premium Member you can build up to 10 websites (including websites with your own domain). That is more than enough websites to drive many multi-million dollar businesses over time. This is not a get-rich-quick plan, because basically there is NO get rich plan that ever works. Wealthy Affiliate’s Hosting Platforms is an industry leading in terms of speed, security and reliability…all critical factors to running a successful online business. Check out what you will get with your Premium Membership HERE: wealthy affiliate membership

As a Premium Member, to make your website secure and fast, WA has exclusive technologies to make sure your websites are operating at the highest speeds, but in a very secure way that protects you from hackers, spammers, and all forms of erroneous attacks.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the best and most secure, trusted way to build and set-up your own website for FREE is the Wealthy Affiliate Program with its elite video trainings as well as guiding you step-by-step through 10 lessons as a starter member that you will get. If you do decide you want to go on and become a Premium Member, the extensive training that you will get to guide you through how to post on social media platforms, as well as getting FREE traffic through your own content. It will more than likely be the best decision you will ever make, just like I did.Not Magic

I personally started out with a FREE Membership through WA, and after working through the first 10 lessons, I wanted more, so I decided to go Premium. My goal here is to give you what helped me and now I have two websites and they are both doing very well. This website is my second one, so it doesn’t have all the content that my other one has, but it is starting to rank in Bing, and Yahoo and I am just waiting for Google to do the same.

If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Wealthy AffiliateIf you would like to start your Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate, please do HERE. FREE Starter Membership.

If you would like to go Premium now, please do HERE: Premium Membership.

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6 thoughts on “How To Build A Website Step-By-Step For FREE

  1. Hello Bobbi, it’s a very magnificent idea you’ve shared with us all and most of us will be looking go explore this idea as we have seen the benefits of starting an online business and so these tips would be nice. I really like the inclusion of jaaxy which have been a very reliable search engine. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Thank you Justin for your comment, and I agree with you on the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. I would not know what to do without this wonderful addition to what Wealthy Affiliate already offers, so I’m glad that we agree on that. Anyway good luck in all that you will do and have a great day.

  2. Thank you for sharing such an informative contet. The this is, do you know any platform that can give me a cheap domain without any registering into whatsoever community? Because I am not quite sure of become a memeber of any. Like you know, kinda trust issue. And I also planning on making an e-commerece website, so perhaps you know any domain that can give me those kind of template or any website or video that can help me to built and design my website.

    1. Thank you Lana for your comment, and I do know of a cheap domain registry, but they don’t offer to much, but here is the link:

      They claim that it is only 0.80 cents a year to register a domain name. I have not investigated it yet but through the link maybe you can find your answer. Looking into the ecommerce templates through Shopify, they really have some really good ones, here is that link:  

      If I were you though I would definitely stick with Wealthy Affiliate, and if you can get the Premium Membership, it will offer way more templates as well as getting your own domains for usually around $13.99 a year. Well I hope I answered some of your questions and you have a great day and come back anytime. Good Luck to you in all that you will accomplish.

  3. I think your article will be helpful to a lot of people and the information that you have put here is really valuable as it is first hand knowledge of the steps taken when building one’s website. There are many benefits to owning a website and it is also a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    1. Thank you Beesean for your comment and I agree with you, I love doing the work needed to become an affiliate marketer that makes money as well as helping others to make money as well. Wealthy Affiliate has been so kind to me and has given me so much, I just want others to find what I’ve found. Thanks again and have a great day.

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